The Creative Independent

I was approached by The Creative Independent, Kickstarter's arts publication to work on some web development tasks. After working under Laurel Schwulst, the previous Creative Director, I took on a full-time role at Kickstarter.

Due to the experimental nature of the publication, my role was loose, and soon I became involved in both the design and development of the website, the email newsletter, and several print publications.


Explore the website:


↑ An identity for a collaboration between and TCI.


↑ A zine about spiraling around in a creative process. Made for Material Art Fair.

↑ A book of essays made for a collaboration between and TCI.

↑ Event posters


↑ A clock that shows time passing in the form of a spiral. The user can grow a spiral over the course of a day or a year. Download here.

↑ A spiral collector app


↑ Emails designed for weekly sends. Click any newsletter to view it.


Several projects were in collaboration with: Laurel Schwulst and the TCI team.